Heritage Leather Company, established in 2000, is a factory brand in Los Angeles. It originally started out as a maker of items specifically for field workers, such as tool bags, tool satchels, leather aprons and knee pads. The priority of the HLC is to produce items focused on durability and utility. In order for utility products to be utilized infinitely...the products must stand the test of time as well as be functional. Moreover, their designs should move their owners to lead an enable and fulfilling lifestyle. These are the ideas we at HLC keep close to our hearts as we invent and make our products.



The bags, created with the idea of everyday use in mind, focus on the improvements of small details such as pockets and handle length. However, our bags are robust and sturdy items that better with usage. They withstand rough handling, perhaps acquiring more taste with it. HLC strives to create products that are simple yet crafty, by seasoned artisans who are particular about making things by hand.



For us at HLC, choosing materials for our products is one of the most important tasks. Tomorrow makes for a better texture than today. Thick and sturdy duck canvas. Carefully chosen quality leather. These are the materials we pick out in order for the finished products that you will enjoy using. Natural vegetable tanned leather, a signature material of HLC, can be enjoyed over years of use due to its aging with use. Other materials such as California Latino leather, Moccasin leather and suede leather will produce their own complexion and unique palette with each usage.